You see the urgent need for change. 
 You want to start doing. Impact-driven. 
 We’re with you. All the way.

Jump onto the Impact Express. 
 Even if you’re unsure about the way. 

 We’ll figure it out. Together. 

 Let’s GO. 

  We’re building a railroad company for impactful change.  

And we want you to join us


We’re the station you pull up to when you want to start doing. We turn the complex insights of impact experts into blueprints for new business opportunities. We invite entrepreneurial people to build the new trains, needed to drive the circular economy.

 You want to.  


Build new ventures

Start or be a part of something new

You seek to contribute to or start a venture which radically changes the economy yet understand that’s a complex thing. You’re looking for a way to start or be part of a venture which truly makes an impact, whilst unleashing your own potential.

Change the existing

(Re)invent at your company

You own or work inside a company and want to start the transition. You want to restrategize, develop new products and harvest ingredients from both inside and outside the company to make it happen. We can help you.

Share the knowledge

Spark more action with your insights

You work for a knowledge driven organisation and want to make sure people implement innovative cases. You believe we need to better integrate, implement and spread knowledge. Let’s turn your insights into attractive blueprints that spark action.

 What we can do for you. 

Open doors to new circular business

You want to do more with or within your current company. We can help you make actual impact through radically new, lasting, business. In a process based on the principles of design thinking, delivered through various workshops.

Turn insights into action sparking stories

We work with storytellers, visualizers and communication specialists to make knowledge about cases and leverage points -with high impact potential- attractive and accessible. We help to reach challenging target groups and generate traffic in order for knowledge to be implemented.

Organise venture generating events

We want to solve the puzzle of generating new impact ventures. Through events we can increase the quality and quantity of the ingredients needed to spark new companies. We can help if you're a part of an entrepreneurial hub and want to start solving this puzzle with us. Find our more about our event concepts.

 What we are working on. 

Death_to_stock_photography_weekend_work (7 of 10)


A high-end suits as a service platform that aims to close a textile loop. A monthly subscription on looking good, with two suits, drycleaning and repair included. All organised through an easy-to-use app.


Baby Clothing Service

A baby-clothing service model aimed at closing a textile loop. A monthly subscription on dressing your fast growing new born. Receiving (and sending back) a new pack of clothing as soon as the old one is out-grown.


Climate Journalism Fund

Building a fund that enabled the worlds best journalist and media producers to spread the most important story of our time. Both increase the amount of in depth articles and working on reaching different audiences. Both financing stories and facilitating a process of learning how to effectively tell the story.

What is impact to us

 The goal is to prevent disaster and to realize a circular economy as soon as possible. 
 Impact to us means reaching this goal as effectively as possible. 

We contribute to this by building and generating more and better businesses needed to drive the new economy.

By no means we claim to be impact experts. But we do want to implement state of the art knowledge about what’s needed most and how to best go about it. In order to make an impact.

We want to stay impact driven

That is why we are forming an Impact Board that keeps us on track and helps us to create an Impact Dashboard with the KPI's needed to measure our results. 

 We are currently looking for Impact Board Members. Want to help? Get in touch!